Hello, I am Sangeetha Thondepu and I have been living in Odense, Denmark for the past five years.

I came here with my 8 month-old daughter, Ananya, to stay for only few months alongside my husband Rajesh, who works here in Odense for a Ship Design company. In the end, our stay continued for few more years and I started in search of a job.

In order to make new connections, I learned Danish along with some cultural knowledge of Denmark. I like to do DIY crafts, art, music and dance. I also love cooking and try making different cuisines.

After many months of searching for a job, I decided to start fulfilling my entrepreneurial dream of starting a Mobile Coffee Business called Fogarolli. I love latte art!

I also love to spend time with my family. We have travelled to many places in Europe and had so much fun together. With the lovely team at International Family, I experience positive vibes all the time during events, meetings, and more.

We successfully organized an event called “Eat, Dance and Enjoy” where I taught Indian dance to the guests with few simple steps. There was lots of fun, entertainment and refreshment to be had!

I love to live in Denmark, the happiest country in the world, and approach it with my life motto: “Freedom without responsibility takes us nowhere.”