You might know Olesia from our events and probably the first thing that comes to your mind is her workshops with the kids where she always engages them in wonderfully creative activities. One of her best-known workshops is “Stone painting” which is always a hit among the little and not so little ones as well.

However, stones are not the only thing Olesia should be known for so we asked her to introduce herself in her own way.


My name is Olesia. 

I was born and raised in Ukraine where I have finished Economics University and have been working for 16 years in a big software development company called “Software MacKyiv” as a Human Resources Manager.

I moved to Denmark together with my family in 2018 due to my husband’s job at “Universal Robots”. 

I’m a mother of 2 sons Yegor and Gleb who both study in Vestre Skole. 

It’s a really big challenge to start your life in the new country! Sometimes it’s not really easy, but you find out your way by developing your existing skills or adding new ones every day!

And the most important thing in the integration process is to build a  network. Our association it’s an awesome possibility for me to implement my knowledge, to realize my creative ideas, and to meet new people! 

I’m taking care of children’s workshops and everything related to this. Actually, this is a passion of mine for a while now, since I have already been doing this with my own children for years.

Now, it turned out to be a very interesting process and development through the International Family. That gave me a great possibility to improve my passion and bring it to a higher level for a bigger audience. 

I really enjoy it and invite all of you to share your experience with us!