As we have all figured out by now 2020 has been an eventful year, but not so full of events.

For International Family members that meant that the last event they have participated in was in February when we had the Danish Fastelavn party with a touch of international spice added to it.

Since the recipe for this party is well known by people who come to our events it is safe to say that everything went smoothly. People brought the food, we brought the entertainment!

As always, the international potlucks are an occasion for discovery and cultural exchange since we have people coming from all around the world and sharing their recipes with each other.

From our part, we tried our best to entertain the little ones with a few activities. We had decoration making, face painting and barrel hitting. And yes, the last one is a thing in Denmark. In between, we also managed to engage parents and children alike into doing some “Kid Zumba”, which is basically dancing and fooling around on the very rhythmic notes of children’s songs.

For Fastelavn in Denmark you don’t hit piñatas full of candy but a wooden barrel, which takes a great amount of force to crack it open. The children had a hard time getting their candy but we are sure they had a lot of fun while trying.

Any-who, the barrel was conquered in the end (with the help of some very strong dads) and the children got to enjoy the candy inside.

As it is almost a tradition now at our events, we also engaged the adults into a cultural game of Kahoot! The winner received a one-year membership with International Family and the applause of everyone present.

Thank you all for celebrating Fastelavn with us and hopefully we will be able to do the same next year as well !