We love celebrating every moment all together.

This time we came together for International Community Odense’s 5th year during International Week. While we were thinking of a concept the main question was: “What do we all love and how can we combine them?”.

We all love to have a bite of nicely cooked authentic food from different cuisines; we all love to show our moves to the sound of music from all around the world; and, of course, we enjoy doing all these things with the company of others. In conclusion, that’s how “Eat, Dance, Enjoy” concept came to the scene!

The countries to present their national dances were Greece, India. Philippines and Ukraine. The volunteer-instructors showed us the steps and we were just ready to go with the flow. 

Yum! Greece introduced us to the fresh-classic Dolmades, India brought the sweet-tooth to the scene with Junnu, the Philippines joined with crispy Lumpia and Ukraine brought Deruny to the table. We also had the tasty Lentil Patties from Turkey of course.

After each dancing session, we were ready to taste the complementing dishes of each country.

All of those helped us to better absorb the dancing skills. We definitely need more of those heavenly dishes -just for dance practising purposes.

But that was not all for the day! We took some break from dancing and eating with a Kahoot quiz on the theme of the day. Also, there was a coffee-tasting station waiting for all participants to enjoywhile having a chat about food and dancing.

In addition, for the accompanying younger participants, there was a no-bake cookie workshop waiting for them.

Last but not the least, the grand finale was topped with an International Week themed cake.

We would like to thank International Community Odense for giving us the opportunity to bring “Eat, Dance, Enjoy” to International Week.

Hurra! International Community Odense for your 5th year!

Also, thanks to Ungdomshuset Odense for supporting us for the venue; Fogarolli Coffee for their contributions to our coffee tasting station; Juliana, Eva, and İlker for capturing beautiful moments for us to share here with you.