Odense, our dear city which has brought us together, has many activities and events through which to enjoy the Funen spirit together. Havnekulturfestival is just one of them! There are many concerts, dances, games, competitions, watersports and many more included in this amazing festival around Odense Harbor.

We, at International Family, have had the chance to be a part of Havnekulturfestival in 2019 (24-26 May) at the International Tent.

The major events we held were:

  • “Animal Inspired Yoga” by Chloe
  • “Drawing Workshop” by Tetiana
  • “Architectural Madness” by Psi Studio – Oksana
  • ” Memo games” by Sangeetha
  • “Clay and Stone Painting workshops” and “Origami sessions” by Olesya

Each smiling face we saw on our participants faces has made us incredibly happy. We enjoyed the day all together with these activities, all with the help of our dear International Family members and supporters.

Besides the activities, we had a couple of memory boards which included a map and pins for our participants’ to pin on their home countries and a fingerprint tree which blossomed with the attendees fingertips. This was our way to celebrate the diversity of people who live in our city.

We would like to thank the people who contributed to International Family area in Havnekulturfestival: The designers we hosted, Barking Fish by Tetiana Omelchenko and Filair by Audrey Icher, we love celebrating creativity; The Good Expat Life – Henriette, Psi Studio – Oksana and Chloe’ Skye for the events they coordinated during the festival; our team members Sangeetha and Razel who filled us by their organic coffee power; our photographers Muge and Jekaterina for capturing energetic festival photos.

We hope to see you all in the upcoming Havnekulturfestival events and celebrate the diversity all together! Do not forget to enjoy Odense and its beautiful landmarks during such beautiful occasions.